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Copyright and Trademark

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Disclaimer and Copyright


1. All materials available on this Website, including but not limited to, photographic and textual materials, video, audio, and other information and database, are subject to copyrights owned by BANDAI NAMCO ASIA CO., LTD., its affiliates, and related third parties.
Unauthorised reproduction, republication, distribution, or other use of all or part of any document is strictly prohibited.
2. Copyright Statement
Materials on this website are protected by copyright which is owned by BANDAI NAMCO ASIA CO., LTD. its subsidiaries, and/or associated companies. Users may view, print and download the contents for personal use only and the contents must not be used for any commercial purposes. The materials on this website or any part of it are not to be incorporated or distributed in any work or in any publication in any form without the permission of BANDAI NAMCO ASIA CO., LTD..