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Order Record

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[ Order History ]
You can track your package or view your past orders.
Click on an order number and you will see the details of the order.

< Order Details >
Check your order date and amount to be paid.
< Shipping Information >
Check your delivery date, shipping address, and payment method on My Page. You can change the delivery date, time, and address, if necessary, but only when the Current Status shows "Order Received." (See "Order History")
< Delivery Status >
Find out your delivery confirmation number to track your package.
< Ordered Products >
You can check your past orders.
Click on the product name to see the details.
Please note, the product details that are no longer posted on the website cannot be viewed.
< Order Cancellation >
We do not accept order cancellation at your request.
- in case the product was pre-ordered, the ordering period has not ended yet, and the status shows "Order Received."
MTO (Made-to-Order) items cannot be canceled for any reason.
To check whether or not you may cancel your order, please go to "Order History" and see "Current Status."
Cancel button is shown if applicable.
Please note that items under the same order number will be canceled altogether.

[ Payment Status ]
Check your payment status and other details by clicking on the order number.

[ My Favorite List ]
The products you listed as your favorite will be shown here. (Listing can be done on individual product page.)
Click on name or image of the product and you can view the product details (from the time of listing).