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Getting Started

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Premium Membership


You need to register before placing an order online.
[How to Register]
  1. Please read carefully our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for PREMIUM BANDAI America users, then click "Agree."
    (Your agreement is necessary to proceed.)
    An underage user must obtain their parent's consent.
  2. Enter user information
    Please enter your information and continue on to confirmation page.
    Please make sure you have entered correct information, then click "Next."
  3. Create an Account
    You can choose your own User ID and Password.
    You can also set a security question in case you forgot your User ID / Password.
- Family information can be added upon completion of registration. (Optional)
- An automatic confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.
- Please click here to contact us if you do not receive confirmation email.
- Users are responsible for keeping their own confirmation emails.
- Please make sure your email address is valid so as to receive various information from our website.